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About Sclerotherapy: Effective Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy offers a specialized solution for those struggling with small to medium-sized reticular veins, spider veins, and residual varicose veins following endovenous laser ablation. This treatment is renowned for its efficiency in addressing and diminishing unwanted veins, restoring the natural appearance of your skin.

How Sclerotherapy Works

The procedure involves the use of ultra-fine needles to deliver a sclerosing solution directly into the veins. This solution acts as an irritant, causing the targeted veins to collapse and become invisible on the skin’s surface. Over the following weeks, these veins transform into scar tissue, fading into obscurity and becoming barely noticeable.

Expected Results and Timeline

Spider veins typically respond to Sclerotherapy within three to six weeks, while larger veins may take three to four months to fully respond. Once the veins are treated successfully, they do not reappear, although new veins could develop over time. Should this happen, additional treatment sessions are available to maintain your results.

Sclerotherapy is an effective way to enhance the appearance of your skin, offering a minimally invasive option to those seeking relief from common vein-related aesthetic concerns.

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