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Discover Advanced Skin Rejuvenation with IPL-Nordlys

Discover a new standard of skincare with our IPL-Nordlys treatment, designed to fade skin imperfections safely and comfortably. As the first and only technology to use combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies, Nordlys provides unparalleled precision in targeting pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun spots, and age spots. It also addresses vascular lesions like spider veins and rosacea-related redness. With gradual improvements typically observed over 3-6 treatment sessions, your journey to rejuvenated skin begins here. Schedule a complimentary consultation to personalize your treatment plan for optimal results.


Nordlys uses combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies to target skin issues like pigmented and vascular lesions with precise, safe techniques.


How does IPL-NORDLYS work?

You'll typically notice a gradual improvement in skin tone over 3-6 treatment sessions. The exact number of sessions will depend on your skin's condition. We offer a complimentary consultation to tailor a treatment plan best suited for you.


When can I expect results?

Eyebrow Treatment



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